A Rwandan-Belgian Creative Fashion Project.

A project started in Kigali, Rwanda on June 2016.
The Showroom is a Pop-up shop, a platform to give designers (all designers of Rwanda and international a chance to show their collections. To talk with people and make their creative spirite visible. We enjoyed this collaboration with The Impact Hub,  I am Kigali and the generous sponsorship of the Belgium Ambassade in Rwanda.

THIS YEAR 2017 we did workshops for more education together with creative people and designers of Kigali. Two different workshops: 1 Pattern drawing, 2 Print drawing on Illustrator and create digital AOprint.

We LOVE this going on, hope to meet each other next year again!
We thank the (ex)-ambassador of Belgium, Mr. Pauwels and Minister Reynders for this great opportunity,chance.

We wish you all a creative drive!
Lovely greetings

An and Audrey